This program will help you

manage your stress and anxiety, so you can feel more calm, relaxed, and prepared for your journey as a mother, in case you are trying to conceive or if you are already pregnant. Here you will find simple and efficient solutions to overcome your stress and anxiety, feel connected with your baby inside and wonderful resources to help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy, birth and life after childbirth.

Feel more calm, relaxed and prepared for what is coming ahead

You will learn simple and effective tools that will change your life, to help you move forward NOW and that you can take for the adventures yet to come with your baby. I will be your loyal companion to help you discover your potential as a mother, and inspire you to take action and enjoy your journey.

Create the right environment in your womb for your baby to grow

Even if you are not struggling with stress or anxiety this is a great program to make your body and mind work together! Explore new sensations and happy emotions, create a loving and positive environment inside your womb for your baby to experience trust, connection, self-worth and love even before your baby is born, for the best start in life!

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You will be able to practice in-between sessions with transformative exercises developed just for you and have acess to selected resources and our private community for support and accountability. I will be with you and answer all your questions!


Are you feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed?

Are your fear and anxiety taking you away from enjoying your pregnancy?
Are you experiencing infertility or previous loss(es)?
Would you like to learn how to become more calm, relaxed and confident?

I have been there, feeling so worried and overwhelmed, that I had a hard time conceiving and then adjusting to my new reality. Pregnancy can be fun, exciting but sometimes create new worries. How is your child developing, is your baby safe and protected in your womb, how is your labor going to be, how will your future be?

I know you are doing your very best, trying to keep up with other peoples' expectations, trying to follow all recommendations. You’ve probably already tried to overcome fear and anxiety before, hoping to just enjoy your pregnancy, but you're not yet there!

My pregnancies and the whole motherhood experience were the deepest transformational journey I have ever known. Most courses prepare you for birth, different stages of birth and labor, pain relief, but none explain
to you how a mother's journey starts with her baby inside, and how your physical, emotional and mental environments can influence the way you are experiencing your pregnancy and shape your baby’s development and life after childbirth.

Training your body to reset your stress alarms and restore body safety can make stress and anxiety symptoms disappear. Really disappear.

I know you don’t want to go back and re
live your past, you want to focus on the future, create a loving and nurturing environment for your baby to grow inside and receive your baby in your arms.

Your body is looking for every opportunity to heal. When you learn how to deactivate your stress response and get out of fight-or-flight, you'll feel safe again with improved body and mind

If you're ready to feel joy and at peace during your pregnancy, unfold the powerful connection you have with your baby, no matter what lies ahead, than you are in the right place! 

The Stress Free Pregnancy Program


Body and Mind work

Emotions are physical sensations, so I have combined somatic exercises and gentle yoga stretches on my program to help you improve your nervous system health, release the tension on your body and mind and increase awareness creating a healthy and safe environment inside.

Breathing Techniques

Use simple and effective breathing exercises to help you release stress and anxiety and be better prepared for what is coming ahead.

Relaxation Techniques

Experience personalized relaxations techniques for you that will help create a positive and nurturing environment in your womb, feel connected with your body and your baby.

Bonding Techniques

You are influencing your baby and your baby is influencing you. Learn creative bonding techniques to help you bond with the new universe you are creating inside of you - your baby!


Acknowledge your fears and concerns, create a safe space for you to express yourself. The importance of setting your intentions for pregnancy, labor and life after childbirth.

4th Trimester

What will be like the 4th trimester for you and your baby outside. Learn how to continue to listen to your body and needs, acting with love.

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A Few Words About Me

Hi! I am Susana, a mind-body specialist, prenatal educator, prenatal and post-natal yoga teacher, author, speaker and advocate for pregnant moms and their conscious babies. In my daily life, I guide women like you to effectively release stress and anxiety from their body and improve their overall health and connection with their baby, helping them to feel more calm, relaxed and confident on their motherhood journey, so they can enjoy and live a healthy pregnancy, whether they are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Susana Lopes

I didn’t plan to become a mind-body health specialist or a prenatal educator, but my own struggle with stress and having so many mothers coming to my classes with stress and anxiety issues made me want to do more for other women and their babies.

At the time of my first pregnancy I was not feeling well, I was overworking, overtired, over stressed. I knew deep inside that something had to change, and I did my first mistake, I did not reach for help. I refused to face my worries and fears, and heal my own blocks. At my own cost I learned how my emotional and mental patterns could influence my pregnancy, my baby and my motherhood experience.

Babies deserve their mother in her full potential and not less! Achievement orientated society is not helping moms nor babies, women in "men's role" is not helping, poor connection with yourself, your body and your sensitive and conscious baby is not helping either - I have gone through the same and I will do whatever I can to change this.

For me, motherhood starts from the moment you think about becoming a mother, and I found a better way to make you feel in peace with yourself, your story, your body, and your baby. I have decided to shift my career and dedicate all my heart to help other women. I have created The Stress Free Pregnancy Program based on the latest prenatal and perinatal research combined with mind and body practices. Come and join me!


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All women have lived or still go through stressful situations that can imprint negative patterns in their mind and bodies, and we may wish to clear them before we pass them on to future generations. In my experience the mothers who refuse to face their worries and fears are the ones having more trouble to conceive, more likely to feel unprepared, increasing the chances of trauma and postnatal depression.

Because of what I lived, I was determined to explore further and gain more wisdom. I committed myself to look for clear and effective tools to help me manage my stress, start listening to my feelings and internal voice and feel more connected with my baby. So I have I adapted my classic yoga teachings of 15 years, I researched on conscious conception, prenatal and perinatal psychology, and I started research what ancient cultures had to say. I became a prenatal educator and I wrote the book Yoga and Motherhood.

Understanding how stressed and anxious I was from my own femininity helped me to release physical and emotional tensions, overcome fears and misconceptions through loving stretches, meditation, breathing and relaxations techniques, reflecting on myself and seeking knowledge. I also understood the importance that positive thinking has and the power of being clear on your intentions.

Now I share what I learned with women around the world, I listen to their stories, I interview experts on the field and, born from this experience I have created The Stress Free Pregnancy Program, to support and prepare all new mothers struggling to manage their stress and anxiety for a more conscious and positive motherhood journey.

This program assembles the support and information I wish me and all women had before we gave birth.

Work With Me

Start Off Plan

What if...you could start right now moving away from anxiety and stress!
In these 3 sessions, we will start immediately implementing great strategies to help you feel more calm, relaxed and confident in your everyday life. You will receive specific directions to what your needs are whether you are trying to conceive or already pregnant.
Do you need a push to start?
I am here to help you!
The plan includes 3 private sessions of 60 minutes each.


The Stress Free Pregnancy Program

You are pregnant or trying to conceive and you need help to manage your stress and anxiety. Then this is the right program for you! Susana will teach you individually over 12 sessions to get clear on how to overcome your challenges when stress and anxiety kicks in and how to become more calm and relaxed giving your baby the best start in life! In these sessions you will learn gentle stretches, deep breathing, relaxation and bonding techniques to create a healthy and loving environment inside for your baby to grow, helping you to become in peace with your motherhood journey.


The Stress Free Pregnancy
Group Program

You are trying to conceive or you are already pregnant and would like to join a small group of other women and share your experiences together. In this program, Susana will support moms while fostering an environment where all can learn from one another. Together, Susana guides the group with simple and effective tools to transform your pregnancy journey, helping women to slow down, relax, feel more calm, connect with their bodies and become more aware of the intimate connection they already have with their future child.



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Get Here The 5 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Now
To Help You Avoid Stress During Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program different from other programs?

You will have a trusted and experienced expert to guide you, and I will be your loyal companion. We will not just work with your mind or breath! Emotions are physical sensations and It is important to make your body and mind work together because a mother's physical, emotional and mental environments can influence her womb and her baby experiences, perceptions and shape your baby’s life after childbirth. Here you will learn simple and effective tools to help you manage the stress and anxiety of your daily life.

Can I do it?

You will learn gentle stretching, breathing, relaxation and also bonding techniques, and this is just a way to train your awareness over your body, emotions, and anyone can do it. I created simple and effective tools, and with practice, you will just get better. The benefits are undeniable, I wish I did this program before my pregnancy.

I have never done an online session what is that?

This is a 1-on-1 meeting, and for busy women this is a great way to, at your home, in your own scheduled time, for just 1h a week, have a great conversation with a pregnancy expert that will listen to your concerns and fears and meet your needs. My goal is to develop your awareness, release physical and emotional tension from conception to birth, teach you how to feel more relax and connected with your body.

Worksheets, I don't know I will have time to do that.

Do not worry, most of the work is done in each session. The program is made to fit your needs, worksheets are practical exercises with guidelines from the work we did in each session.

What if I join and find out the sessions are not for me?

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have started the sessions, gotten worksheets, watched videos and still feel the program was not right for you, for whatever reason, I am happy to give you your money back.

Can I buy the program and pay monthly?

Yes, all my programs can be bought with a monthly payment plan, just choose the option that is best for you, and you will be billed each month.

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The Book

Real Stress Solutions for Pregnant Women
  • I assure you that this book is going to be the most important book you’ll ever read! Here is the exact information and methods that I used for myself after my first pregnancy, to transform my stress into calmness, my worries into trust and my confusion into confidence. If these methods worked for me, they can certainly help you too. They have helped hundreds of struggling moms I’ve supported, restoring calm and peace to their lives.

    This is different from every other “pregnancy and birth” book you’ve ever read. I jump straight into telling you why you are feeling unprepared and exactly what you can do to overcome stress and build a long lasting relashionship with your baby from the very first start... And it’s really easy to read! With 65 pages you can read it in an afternoon.

    So here’s a fraction of what you’re gettin
    The real reason why women feel unprepared these days, and 3 simple and effective exercises you can start using right now to manage your stress and feel bonded with your baby. 
    The most important things we MUST learn about conscious pregnancy, birth and motherhood
    How a stressful environment can affect your baby inside
    The truth about the 4th Trimester and breastfeeding

    You’re right...that is a ton of powerful information and tools. And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg
    Check out more!

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